Enabling a Circular Economy in Furniture

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Did you know that it’s cheaper to throw away unwanted furniture, than it is to give it away! Our Furniture Cab is working to make reusing furniture affordable and accessible.

People ask what inspired us to set up FurnitureCab. The answer is a series of interrelated events.

An example of one such event……
We found a sofa being offered for free on Facebook. It was ideal for the young person who we was supporting to move into his first home. The Sofa was 4.1 miles away (in the same borough) and needed to be collected the same day – as the owner had organised a free large refuse collection from the council, the sofa would be part of that collection, if we didn’t pick it up.

The cheapest delivery service we could find was £80😳

Yes we paid it because we didn’t want to let our young person down but it felt wrong.

There are thousands of families living in Furniture Poverty and yet 300,000 tonnes of furniture go to landfill every year!!

Why not contact us for affordable transport and to save furniture from going to landfill

Contributed by Bash Kehinde
Enabling a Circular Economy in Furniture