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28th October 2018
26th June 2018

How sustainability can build value in construction.

Reconciling best- value procurement and sustainability should not be a problem as the two represent a win win.

27th May 2018

Sustainable Choice

The Sustainable Approach to Procurement in Local Government

2nd April 2018

Sustainable Sourcing, Grievance Mechanisms and Human Rights at Mega Sporting Events - Tokyo 2020

In September 2017, the Institute of Human Rights and Caux Round Table hosted an event to discuss how the Tokyo 2020 Olympics can best address the human rights challenges through their supply chains. This document is a record of that session.

28th February 2018

Tokyo 2020 Olympics confirms use of rain forest timber in stadium build.

This goes against the principals of sustainable proccurement.

24th November 2017
13th September 2017

New International Standard for Responsible Procurement LUPC

LUPC the first in the Public Spending Forum to be assessed against ISO20400

11th September 2017

5 ways to share supply chain values with people and the planet

The supply chain is increasingly viewed as a value chain, with shared value being as much environmental and social as economic.

11th September 2017

Fairness, Inclusion and Respect.

A 30 min E Learning programme on fairness, iclusion and respect in the work placement. Developed for the UK Construction sector but relevant to any sector / country.

29th August 2017

E Learning ... Embedding Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement E Learning

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