Reducing the Environmental Impact of Home Printing

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80% of used ink cartridges are thrown into landfill every year- that equates to one every 11 seconds! With 97% of the produce being fully recyclable, it's a problem we can easily solve.

The Ink Bin are a UK based company that collects and recycles home-use ink cartridges for recycling. Wherever possible, we will send the ink cartridges straight back into the circular economy to drastically reduce the environmental impact of their use.
We pledge that every last ink cartridge sent to us will either be refilled or recycled. Unlike most companies that collect ink cartridges, we are committed to working on a community level and we provide schools, churches, libraries, charity shops, offices and other organisations with a large collection bin in which they can collect hundreds of ink cartridges at once.
We also provide free educational materials and support to young people who are keen to learn more about the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. We are a go-to platform for teachers who wish to establish an Eco Committee within their school and work tirelessly to spread positive messages and encourage helathy and sustainable routines within homes, schools and communities.
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Contributed by Becky Baines
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Home Printing