Understanding complex supply chains – Responsible Sourcing at Nestlé

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This video by Nestle is a great induction to the concept of extended supply chains, also often called ‘value chain’. It describes Nestlé’s food supply chains in a simple and practical way and introduces several sustainability issues that may occur along the way, in line with ISO 20400 core subjects of SP (clause 4.3).

The video also provides tangible examples of tailored development plans that Nestlé implements with farmers and communities, including: supporting farmers to improve production and incomes, providing training to communities, eliminating deforestation or enabling children to go to school.
This shows that great SP goes beyond looking at the procurement and contract management process. For critical products and services, meaningful outcomes may only be achieved through stakeholder and supply chain engagement, business-to-business initiatives and capacity development. Have a look at clause 6.3 of the ISO 20400 for more guidance on this!

A video from Nestle about ho they source and procure responsibly.