Amanda Keetley

Amanda is a professionally qualified Marketing expert with 20 years’ experience, specialising in strategy and communications. She founded Less Plastic, initially as a side-project, to raise awareness of ocean plastic and share simple ways to reduce plastic waste. She has since shifted her full-time focus onto the cause, and brought the “less plastic lifestyle” to a global audience via her infographics, blog and social media platforms; highlighting practical strategies to use less plastic.

She’s written a bookPlastic Game Changer, to empower professionals to accelerate plastic reduction efforts in their organisations; featuring her practical five-step framework to become a Plastic Game Changer and invaluable insights from best practice case studies. She offers talks, consultancy, and educational materials to inspire behaviour change in businesses, schools and communities around the world.

She is also exploring ways that businesses and communities can strive for a ‘net positive’ impact that goes beyond stopping plastic pollution, and strives to restore nature with regeneration projects, to repair the damage we’ve caused so that caring for nature becomes the new norm.

In her spare time she organises community beach cleans and also loves dog walks, yoga, kayaking, snorkelling, and the thrill of running into the cold sea with no wetsuit!


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