Cristina Lopez / Translator

Cristina López is a Certified Public Accountant, Social Responsibility expert and Organizational Coach. She has an extensive experience in regional management of companies and civil society organizations, both national and international. She is the President of Fundación el Otro, Director of Hayku SRL and a guest lecturer and trainer in several universities specializing in Social Responsibility, ISO 26000 2010 and Sustainability in Argentina.

Her current portfolio includes:

  • Responsible for Social Responsibility programs at Fundación el Otro, a non-governmental organization specializing in Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Has carried out projects for UNDP, Oxfam Novib, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, IDB, Federal Investment Council, GCABA, among others, and has been their representative at: OECD Watch, World Bank Civil Society Team, UN Forum on Human Rights and Business, Argentine Platform of Civil Society Organizations for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Argentine PNC, among others.
  • Co-secretary of the Strategic Committee for Social Responsibility and member of the Strategic Environmental Committee of IRAM (Argentine Standardization Body).
  • Member of ISO 26000 Post Public Organization Advisory Group.
  • Founding partner and Director of Hayku, specializing in Management Consulting and Sustainability Audits in value chains. Has provided services of social audits for SGS, Fair Labor Association, Elevate, BSD and Puma Safe among others.
  • Consultant for the development of SR instruments for the Ministry of Labor of Argentina at UNDP.
  • Consultant on social responsibility and sustainable development at Chamber of Deputies of the Nation in Argentina.
  • Auditor of the adoption of ISO 37120: 2014 – indicators of sustainability in cities, for IRAM in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Cristina has over 10+ years social responsibility and sustainability experience. She has been a Member of IRAM – Argentine Mirror Committee ISO 26000 (2005-2010) and has participated in the review of the OECD Guidelines for MNEs at the Investment Committee in Paris in 2010, as well as in various consultation processes such as: UN, Accountability, GRI, World Bank and IDB, amongst others. Since 2013 she participates in the UN Forums for Human and Business Rights and IMF and World Bank CSO meetings and has become a social auditor and sustainability monitor for several multinational audit firms.


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