Felipe Calvo

Felipe Calvo Villalobos


Felipe Calvo Villalobos is an industrial engineer and an expert with more than 13 years of experience in areas such as project management, standardization and regulation, conformity assessment, sustainability, and innovation management. Worked for 13 years in the Costa Rican Standards Body – INTECO, where he was at the beginning a Project Manager and then a Coordinator Manager for the development of the National Standard, but also as a conformity assessment evaluator and consultant for the correct use of standards for the government. Nowadays is the responsible for the Innovation Direction of INTECO, by the investigation and creation of new products and services.

As part of their experience as a representative of the National Committee of Sustainable Procurement in the ISO/PC 277, have been developed workshops and projects for promoting the ISO 20400, as well as product and management standards, and the conformity assessment in the public procurement.

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