Gisele Villas Boas

Gisele Villas Boas has more than fourteen years of experience leading projects involving processes definition and implementation, processes improvement, evaluation and audits in areas related to Information Technology, Innovation and Sustainability. Has a broader experience in standardization mechanisms and related private models, having had the opportunities to work with certification and regulation initiatives and its uses to increase industry competitiveness, mainly within Latin America and Caribbean projects.

Coordinator of Business and Services of Quality and Competitiveness Unit in RELAIS International, which has its HQ in Montevideo (Uruguay) and a US subsidiary in Washington DC area, has participating in the programme “Strengthening of Government Procurement Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean through the use of ICT tools and promoting the participation of SMEs”.

Member of ISO/PC 277 – Sustainable procurement, nominated as a Brazilian delegation expert, and of ABNT/CEE 277, in which leads the secretariat of Sustainable Procurement Brazilian Mirror Committee.

Member of ISO/TC 279 – Innovation Management and its Brazilian Mirror Committee, in which leads the Assessment Working Group.

Having Information Technology Management as basic education, over the last years has continually worked and imbued efforts on the integration of IT knowledge and capacity, and innovation into the sustainable development initiatives where has been involved.

Currently home-based in Portugal, is developing projects aiming supply chain development focused on sustainable development aspects, using information technology and innovation as mechanisms to strength the relationship among suppliers and private and public buyers, building a network and having as starting point the implementation of principles and best practices of Sustainable Procurement.


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