Leona Gergelová Šteigrová,

Mgr. Leona Gergelová Šteigrová, Ph.D.


Deputy Director of the Public Department of Contracts and Legal Aid,


Leader of Projects about Responsible (Strategic) Public Procurement

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs





For me, responsible / strategic public procurement is the right and practical approach to public procurement; it is the future of intelligent purchasing. It is widely supported throughout the European Union and by the OECD, and we have been trying to develop it in the Czech Republic for a long time, thanks to the Responsible Public Procurement projects. I am honored to work with many great clients seeking added value and new quality in their purchases in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. And through better communication with the market, gain fair suppliers who help meet sustainable development goals.







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+420 221 923 487





Work experience:



The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


Deputy Director of the Public Procurement and Legal Support Department Professional Manager of Projects Supporting Responsible Public Procurement

2014 – present


Strategies and concepts of assignments of procurements, responsible procurement strategy, managing the administration of procurements


Managing projects supporting the development of responsible procurement

(sovz.cz , publishing activity in appendix)




Certification of an individual for the classification CONFIDENTIAL.



Nová ekonomika o.p.s. (New economy, charitable trust)


Director of organization and main manager of the project Soci Responsible Public Procurement




Masaryk University, Department of Social Studies


External Lecturer, research team member

2010 – 2015


External Lecturer for the area of Negotiation Skills for Dealing within the European Union. Member of the Technology agency of the Czech republic project TA CR: Promoting the interest of the Czech republic within EU decision-making bodies. Searching compromises, building coalitions within the European Council and the Council of the European Union and the collaboration with other institutions EU-TB010MZV038





CSR Consult, s.r.o.



2012 – 2014

Consultant in the region of strategic social responsibilities, including strategic purchase opportunities.

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