Lucie Anderton webinar speaker

The International Union of Railways, UIC, is a worldwide railway membership organisation.   The UIC is working towards the overall coherence of the rail system at a global levels, developing strategies and initiatives to improve performance and increase rail transport investment and executing research, innovation and technical projects.  The Sustainability Unit at the UIC offers its members its expertise on sustainability issues and represents rail in the UN framework or with other important and worldwide organizations. Together with and for its members, the UIC sustainability unit provides the vision, the tools and the networks to help both promote rail as sustainable mobility and help railway organisations meet the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow. There are five sector networks coordinated by the sustainability unit focusing on priority topics, Air Quality, Noise and Vibration, Energy and CO2, Sustainable Land Use and Circular Economy.


Lucie has joined the UIC this year to lead the Sustainability Unit.  Seconded from Network Rail, where she has gained 15 years of experience in the UK rail industry in the field of sustainability. An Environmental Management graduate, Lucie worked in railway infrastructure projects both during construction and design phases, most notably, the National telecoms project, West Coast Route Modernisation, the Stafford Norton Bridge project and East West Rail Alliance. Through this work, Lucie has become a specialist in sustainable design processes, CEEQUAL and BREEAM, sustainability management systems and Environmental Impact Assessment.   Most recently Lucie was part of Network Rail’s national policy and strategy team, leading the social performance strategy. In this role, Lucie led the launch of the Routes out of Homelessness Programme as well as working closely with RSSB to deliver a common Social Impact Framework for Rail.

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