Mark Lewis Podcast speaker

Mark Lewis, Procurement Manager – CapEx & Sustainability at Tarmac.
Mark originally started his working career in engineering, but made the switch to procurement in his early twenties, and now has over 20 years experience as a procurement professional. This has been gained across a range of industries, including; engineering, plastics, aerospace, medical, electronics, steel manufacturing, quarrying and construction materials.
A large proportion of his time within procurement has been spent on roles with an engineering/CapEx focus, and his engineering background has certainly stood him in good stead for the challenges that these roles posses.
Mark Joined Tarmac in May 2017 as the Procurement Manager for CapEx, but added the sustainability focus to his role in June 2021. Focusing on sustainable procurement has been a very enjoyable learning curve for him, and he is excited for the interesting opportunities it holds for both Tarmac and their industry going forward.

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