Nichola Hutson webinar speaker

Nichola (Niki) is a Senior Consultant at DNV GL with over 8 years’ experience in Sustainability and innovation strategy. She has worked with large global companies, reporting institutions, specialist research groups, universities and industry associations, as well as start-ups across manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, mining and coatings & chemicals at an International level.

She has strong background in delivering sustainability strategy projects, which typically involves stakeholder engagement across geographies and analysis of results. She has worked with a range of clients focused on environmental (including Science based targets (SBTs) for carbon and water, biodiversity, circularity and ocean plastics) as well as social, human rights and governance issues, so has a good breadth of knowledge and experience.

Niki also has particular experience in the digital space, and also holds a PhD in Sustainable Innovation from the Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) and the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR), The University of Manchester.



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