Tanya Harris webinar speaker

TANYA HARRIS, Head of Sustainable and Ethical Procurement, Edge Environment

Tanya is a national and international representative and expert practitioner of Sustainable Procurement – Guidance ISO 20400, a sector and industry roundtable representative during the Australian Federal Government consultation to develop the Modern Slavery Act and a United Nations One Planet Network expert advisor. With nearly two decades of procurement experience in the private and international development sectors, Tanya brings corporate finance and business operations perspectives, having led the development and execution of sustainability and procurement strategy, policy and process development, governance, risk management, stakeholder engagement, delivery and internal/external capacity building and training.

Having worked across 25 developing and developed countries supporting public sector initiatives through advisory services to contribute to the international sustainable development goals, sustainable healthcare and global climate targets, she has seen first-hand the impact of the decisions we make in board rooms, whether they be action or inaction.

Tanya also represented ACFID (Australian Council for International Development) on the Australian Technical Committee and international meetings contributing to the new Sustainable Procurement ISO 20400.

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