A Conversation about Circular Economy

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Myla Bulaon and Tania Lalor discussed what circular economy is about in relation to Australia's public procurement, both in the NSW state and local government levels.

Public procurement in Australia and in particular in NSW, aims to achieve the best social and commercial outcomes. Tania and I have been privileged to be members of the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Australian Mirror Committee representing the public sector and local government. We have been actively promoting the principles of sustainable procurement when establishing contracts for government use.

In this podcast we talked about circular economy, a coverage of ISO 20400, and how it relates to public procurement. While NSW is investing a lot of effort in recycling, we talked about other opportunities to circular economy that public procurement can influence.

Public procurement has a significant annual spend that may be leveraged to rethink our ownership of goods and services. Download the podcast and listen to this high-level conversation. There is more to discuss particularly the challenges that we face in terms of supplier collaboration, legislation and importantly, buyer behaviour.

Written by Myla Bulaon, NSW Government, Australia

Contributed by Myla Bulaon