Basic Sustainability Assessment Tool (BSAT)

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BSAT is a comprehensive, generic sustainability self-assessment tool. It can be used by any-size organization, in any sector, in any country. It may be especially helpful for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large organizations with minimal / no sustainability staff.

BSAT uses less than 20 multiple-choice questions to score the organization’s sustainability performance. It also suggests over two dozen actions that improve its performance on GHG emissions reduction, the urgent issue that most stakeholders prioritize.

This tool expresses an organization’s sustainability performance in three ways:

1) As scores on progress toward science-based goals for core sustainability issues that arise at the organization’s impact points.
2) As scores on contributions to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Scores on core sustainability issues are used as proxies for scores on aligned, primary SDGs.
3) As scores on impacts on the 3 non-financial capitals (natural, human, and social). Scores on core sustainability issues are used as proxies for scores on aligned non-financial capitals.

Organizations can express their sustainability scores in whichever framework’s terminology is most appropriate for their purposes. That is why the tool was previously called the “3-in-1 Sustainability Assessment Toolkit.”

Contributed by Bob Willard