Conference: Responsible Public Procurement – Strategic Approach to Public Procurement

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Register to the international conference, which will discuss sustainable public procurement. Speakers include international, EU and Czech national experts on the responsible public procurement. Many practical examples will be presented. (October 3-4, 2019, Prague)

On October 3rd to 4th, 2019, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic will organize the fourth issue of the conference on responsible public procurement. This event is intended mainly for contracting authorities, public procurement and sustainability specialists, representatives of cities, municipalities, regions, and the national government of the Czech Republic and other countries.

The conference will focus on strategic approach to public procurement and on social aspects in public procurement. The aim of the conference is to put the topic of public procurement and sustainability into an international context; presenting national strategies to promote responsible procurement; to be inspired by practice at the level of individual contracting authorities; to take a detailed look at some of the topical issues, including audit institutions and measurement issues; and providing an outlook for the anticipated responsible public procurement trends and visions. An award for contribution to socially responsible public procurement in the Czech Republic will be presented at the conference.

Main topics of discussion
• Current challenges, trends, and visions concerning strategic public procurement
• International context and strategies
• National strategies for socially responsible public procurement
• Implementing socially responsible public procurement within contracting authorities’ organizations
• Responsible approach, including fair supply chain conditions, applied in the construction sector
• Audit mechanisms and review practices for sustainable public procurement
• Monitoring, reporting, and measurement in socially responsible public procurement
• Selected public contracts presented as examples of good practice
• European competency framework for public buyers

The conference takes place as part of the project Implementation Support and Development of Socially Responsible Public Procurement, which provides professionals with information on sustainable procurement, organizes training sessions and seminars, conducts research and publishes good practice examples.

Program and registration can be found here:

Conference: Responsible Public Procurement – Strategic Approach to Public Procurement