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The free, open-source Sustainable Procurement Toolkit contains templates and tools that enable the integration of a sustainable procurement system into an existing procurement process.

The free, open-source Sustainable Procurement Toolkit contains.:

* SP Supplier Assessment Tool: This Basic Sustainability Assessment Tool enables a supplier to self-assess its progress toward causing no harm to people and the environment, as well as its positive impacts on people and the environment.

* SP Product Specifications Checklist: Sustainable procurement is about purchasing the most sustainable goods and services. This is a checklist of sustainability specifications that can be used in RFPs to ensure goods and services are environmentally and socially responsible. These specifications are in addition to the normal quality and performance specifications required by the user.

* SP Bid Appraisal Template: This template uses a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) structured decision-making approach to evaluate supplier bids. It helps ensure that the buyer obtains the best value for money. That is, it helps determine whether procuring the most sustainable products from the most sustainable supplier is the best business decision.

* Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Tool: This tool monetizes all ongoing direct and indirect costs, benefits and value associated with an acquisition. That is, it helps determine if initially paying more for the goods and services is the best long-term financial decision. It is used when appraising bids for large capital goods / assets. It can be used with any purchase, not just sustainability-related or climate-related acquisitions. It is also helpful when comparing lease vs. purchase options.

* SP Sample Terms & Conditions (Ts & Cs): Contracts with winning suppliers stipulate an appropriate combination of incentives, penalties and conditions that reinforce supplier commitment to a sustainable business model.

Contributed by Bob Willard
Sustainable Procurement Toolkit