Understanding complex supply chains – The seafood industry: from fish to dish

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This video by AP Digital Products shows a good example of how complex extended supply chains can be. In this case, confusing port regulations, entrenched corruption and misleading labels and certifications are preventing any control on environmental and human rights standards. Understanding your supply chains is a key principle of SP (ISO 20400 clause 5.4). When you’re buying something, make sure you scratch beyond Tier 1 and try to understand what’s happening at Tier 2, 3, etc., using the life cycle approach (clause 7.2.2). Digging through extended supply chains is complex and time-consuming. It may require the involvement of some of your colleagues, Tier 1 suppliers and other external stakeholders (clause 6.3). Probably something you would only do for a few products and services that are of a high priority for your organisation (clause 6.4.2)!