Understanding complex supply chains – Unilever’s Value Chain

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In this video, Unilever explains how they work to reduce environmental impacts throughout their value chain, whilst continuing to grow their business.

There’s a few things I like about this video. First, Unilever shows that they have a good understanding of their value chain – from raw materials to manufacture, distribution, use and disposal – as well as where the big environmental impacts are (clause 5.4 of ISO 20400). This is absolutely necessary to set priorities and determine where the company should focus its efforts (clauses 4.5.3 and 6.4).

Second, the video explains that Unilever can only address these impacts by engaging with their key stakeholders: customers, consumers and… suppliers (clause 6.3). Everybody has a role to play!

Third, it highlights something that procurement professionals tend to forget: the scale of what we can achieve. In our personal lives, we are individual consumers with a relatively low capacity to influence the market, except if we join forces with other consumers. In our professional lives, through procurement activities, we can have a massive impact on the market. We are… super consumers!