Waste processing technology based on pyrolysis reactors.

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Environmentally friendly, cost-effective processing of 100% MSW, including unsorted plastic waste based on pyrolysis reactors made in Germany. Landfills are not needed!

What is Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) – evil or untapped wealth?

Everywhere where people live – MSW is constantly “produced”.
How to properly dispose of MSW?
In modern pyrolysis reactors, it is possible to process ANY waste in an environmentally friendly manner, except for inorganic ones (stones, glass, metals).
In the process of processing will be obtained:
synthesis gas
Coke – a mixture of ash with pure carbon
Combustion of syngas is the simplest and applicable only when it (synthesis gas) is of low quality. Or when synthesis gas processing products cannot be sold due to the remoteness of sales markets.
Synthesis gas (+-30%) is advantageous to use as a fuel for gas reciprocating electric generators (their efficiency reaches 43%) or to be processed into methanol, dimethyl ether, ammonia, ammonia fertilizers, pure hydrogen.
The choice of option depends on the economy of the region where the plant is located, the need for a particular synthesis gas processing product and investment opportunities.
Coke (+-20%) obtained in the process of processing can be sold “as is”. Pure carbon can be isolated from coke. The value of pure carbon depends on its purity.
Part of the carbon can be processed into artificial diamonds (the presence of a sufficient amount of electrical and thermal energy allows!) or processed into carbon fiber, other carbon processing products …
If the processing of synthesis gas is more profitable, coke can be processed in a steam-plasma reactor, obtaining an additional +-30% synthesis gas.
After extracting pure carbon (50-75%) from coke, ash remains.
Ash (+-10%) contains a large amount of rare earth and even precious metals. There are especially many of them if sewage sludge is processed in the reactor.
From the ashes, tons of metal powder can be isolated. And when processing 100,000 tons of waste in reactors, up to 10,000 tons of ash remain!
If there is absolutely nothing in demand in the region where the plant is located, you can create a mining farm and use electricity to mine cryptocurrencies.
But the main thing is 100% recycling of solid waste!
Garbage dumps are not needed!
At all!
Paul Biller

Contributed by Paul Biller